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Since 1972, The Lloyd Company has weathered decades of up and down business cycles in the energy industry. By keeping true to our unique business philosophy of “engineered manufacturing” of specialty machined exotic metal and thermo-plastic products, The Lloyd Company is one of the best in the world in its class.

Talented Machinists and Competent Managers

Our people make the difference, where old world craftsmanship is blended with modern technology. Our proven methods of manufacturing ensure product quality 0because our manufacturing standards are as high or higher than our customers.

Mr. Lloyd set this standard and it is an achievement to have everyone in our organization aligned to the common cause of upholding the consistent quality control standards of the customer.


Expanding Resources for an Expanding World

0A disciplined approach to guarantee success. We resource the world and to do this, we must constantly maintain a pace quicker than our customers’ assembly schedule. This is accomplished from our technical experience which was gained through tens of thousands of mechanical project drawings, our intimate knowledge of common and exotic metals and thermoplastics, and our proactive strategy to build a multinational network of similarly advanced companies who can produce the required high-quality components for our customers to be shipped everyday to any destination in the world.

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